Food: It’s not always about ‘cutting calories’

Here’s an issue I have with a lot of the popular running websites and magazines…

I’d say about 25 percent of their articles for runners are about “cutting calories.”

For most dedicated runners (you know, the ones reading these sites), cutting calories isn’t really the problem. It’s more about getting enough calories — before, during and after runs. 

This is especially important to me, as I suffer from something called gastroparesis.

Essentially, I process food much slower than a normal person. I combat this issue by eating smaller meals, more often. It keeps my metabolism constantly churning through food, which helps, but is also a struggle to plan out my day of eating. I live by a fairly stright routine of food, which is helpful for me.

But since I’ve really started running and working out every day, and no longer looking to cut calories to lose weight, I’ve been struggling with trying to eat enough — spaced out enough for me to be able to digest it — just to maintain my baseline caloric intake.

Outside of my own personal struggles, many of the readers of these mainstream sites probably also burn a ton of calories every day.

Just to keep up with a basic level of an average of 2,000 calories PLUS upwards of 125 calories per mile (and sometimes A LOT more), it would behoove these sites to write more about getting *more* calories — without adding more fats and sugars to their diets.

Adding calories probably doesn’t play to the best headlines or SEO, as the majority of people out there are overweight and looking to lose some extra pounds, but there is a small (and hopefully growing) group of people that need proper nutrition guidance about taking in 2,500… 3,000… or more calories every day.


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