Food: Know your pasta

As an Italian, pasta is just a way of life.

But, over the past year, as I started to pay closer attention into what I put into my body, I realized just how much pasta I’ve been eating my whole life! See those four pieces below? That’s one (1!) ounce of pasta — and a turkey meatball.

One ounce of pasta = 100 calories!

So, thinking about all the giant, heaping plates of pasta, piled high with gravy (yes, gravy — not sauce!) and Parmesan cheese, I can only imagine how many calories I was taking it at normal dinners!

Now, I’m all about portion control and getting the right about of calories based on carbs, protein and fat. Knowing just how many calories — and excess carbs I was taking in before is just shocking to me.

Think about a plate you would get at a normal Italian restaurant. You’re easily getting over 1,000 calories on a plate — easily!!

Remember, 1 oz. = 100 calories. Your next pasta plate may look a little more imposing next time around…


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