Running out of 2015

2015 was the year I re-found running.

In high school, I ran track in winter and spring. Short distances: 100 meters, 200, 400, long jump, triple jump. I never competed in anything over 800 meters. Anything beyond that was nuts. Now, heading into 2016, I put in 30-mile weeks on the regular.

Before this year, running was a chore. I never liked running distance before. It was boring, pointless and unfulfilling. After this year, I find myself aching for more and more miles.

With a busy schedule, fitting in 5K on one night, a 10K on another night is tough. But, I make the time. I make time to suffer and train and run until I’m panting and sweating and exhausted. And I enjoy it. Continue reading Running out of 2015