Running out of 2015

2015 was the year I re-found running.

In high school, I ran track in winter and spring. Short distances: 100 meters, 200, 400, long jump, triple jump. I never competed in anything over 800 meters. Anything beyond that was nuts. Now, heading into 2016, I put in 30-mile weeks on the regular.

Before this year, running was a chore. I never liked running distance before. It was boring, pointless and unfulfilling. After this year, I find myself aching for more and more miles.

With a busy schedule, fitting in 5K on one night, a 10K on another night is tough. But, I make the time. I make time to suffer and train and run until I’m panting and sweating and exhausted. And I enjoy it.

I revel in my time on the run. I like the preparation for it — planning and timing my food intake, checking the weather to know how to dress correctly, checking for satellites and then, finally, running.

Breathe in, breathe out. Don’t supinate. Keep your knees under you. No long strides. All that runs through my head for the next 30, 45, 60, 75 minutes, or more.

All that, and nothing.

Most of the time, my mind is clear. It’s clear or going a million miles an hour. As my mind flits from one thought to another, it’s empty. Just me, my breath, my pace and the road, trail or track.

Then, a thought pops into my head. And just as it came in, it’s out again, back and buried into the filing cabinet of my brain. Back to form. Back to stride. Back to…nothing.

I only really started running again, for real, in April and May. I started as way to lose weight, to get fit and to not be a lazy bum anymore. Now, I’m full-on addicted. I get itchy when I don’t run. I feel it if I don’t hit the gym. If I’m not cross-training in some way, I’m falling apart.

The runs, the work, the time… It’s given me a new love in my life. A love of the run. A love for running.

Thank you for following me on my running journey. Here’s to many more miles in 2016!


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