Top 5 reasons to run the Roller Coaster Race in Lake George, New York!

RCR-Logo-withborderOn July 16 in Lake George, New York, some lucky runners will get to race through an amusement park — under roller coasters, past cotton candy machines and trains and all through this awesome park.

There’s a 5K and 10K race at The Great Escape in Lake George, with the opportunity to jump on the coasters after your race! Here are the top 5 reasons to run this race:

  1. It’s an awesome park! I’ve been to this park so, so many times! It’s a really big, really awesome amusement park with some of my favorite rides. I highly suggest running the race, then riding the coasters (since you get a free ticket to the park the day of your race), specifically the Comet and the Alpine Bobsled!
  2. Everyone gets a medal! 5K and 10K racers both get medals, so even those running the shorter course get one! Also, T-shirts! And you can pick between a cotton or tech shirt, in case you have too many of one or the other.
  3. You can save $5! Sign up with the code ANDREWBIB and save $5 on your entry fee. You’re welcome.
  4. Lake George is beautiful. After your race, post-race refreshments and have ridden all the roller coasters, depart for the actual lake the town takes it’s name after. There’s an awesome little downtown area with some great restaurants with amazing views of a simply gorgeous lake.
  5. When else will you get to race in an amusement park?!? Seriously, try and answer that question. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience!
Don’t forget: Use the code ANDREWBIB to save $5 off your race!
Sign up soon! Registration ends July 12!

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