Review: Aerodaks Running Briefs

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Guys, let’s talk about underwear… You always wear it (well, almost always), but you probably rarely give it any thought. As runners, you probably just rock normal running shorts with the built-in mesh and call it a day. Well, I’m here to tell you: There’s another way!

Aerodaks are an Australian-made underwear designed specifically for runners!

“The idea for the product was conceived by one of the co-founders whilst running the Ultra Trail 100 race in the Blue Mountains, Australia,” they say on their website. “It was a case of wanting something that did not exist, that he could not find anywhere. Briefs that are actually comfortable to run with and keeps you dry and reduces chafing. Briefs that are actually made for running.”

I tested them, and after a brief breaking-in period, can report that they do what they’re designed to do: Keep you comfy, supported and – especially important – running without thinking of your nether regions. Continue reading Review: Aerodaks Running Briefs