Review: RunnerBox

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I’m always on the hunt for new stuff! It’s one of my favorite parts of running living. New gear, new food, new anything! Especially if it will make me better, faster, healthier.

So, when my RunnerBox came in the mail, packed with goodies from all sorts of new companies I’ve never tried, I was pumped!  Continue reading Review: RunnerBox


Food: Know your pasta

As an Italian, pasta is just a way of life.

But, over the past year, as I started to pay closer attention into what I put into my body, I realized just how much pasta I’ve been eating my whole life! See those four pieces below? That’s one (1!) ounce of pasta — and a turkey meatball.

One ounce of pasta = 100 calories!

So, thinking about all the giant, heaping plates of pasta, piled high with gravy (yes, gravy — not sauce!) and Parmesan cheese, I can only imagine how many calories I was taking it at normal dinners!

Now, I’m all about portion control and getting the right about of calories based on carbs, protein and fat. Knowing just how many calories — and excess carbs I was taking in before is just shocking to me.

Think about a plate you would get at a normal Italian restaurant. You’re easily getting over 1,000 calories on a plate — easily!!

Remember, 1 oz. = 100 calories. Your next pasta plate may look a little more imposing next time around…

Food: It’s not always about ‘cutting calories’

Here’s an issue I have with a lot of the popular running websites and magazines…

I’d say about 25 percent of their articles for runners are about “cutting calories.”

For most dedicated runners (you know, the ones reading these sites), cutting calories isn’t really the problem. It’s more about getting enough calories — before, during and after runs.  Continue reading Food: It’s not always about ‘cutting calories’